Looking for a better way to protect your truck bed? Think Reflex Sprayed-On Truck Liners from Kurt's!

Reflex Liners were developed to protect your truck bed without cracking, sliding, or scratching your truck's paint. These liners are spray-molded directly on to the truck bed to create maximum flexibility, durability, and resistance and the state-of-the-art design makes them unaffected by most chemicals like gasoline and battery acid.

It even works on trailer beds and cargo van floors too!

Reflex Liners from Kurt's Offers:

  • An exact color match.
  • Same-day service - drop your vehicle off in the morning, and it will be ready that evening.
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee.


The Facts:

  • Durability: designed to withstand elements and won't lose their shape in hot weather or split in cold temperatures.
  • Resistance: resistant to most chemicals including diesel fuel, fertilizer, road salt, chlorine, herbicides, and many others.
  • Flexibility: absorbs the cargo's weight instead of breaking under pressure.
  • Secure Grip: holds cargo securely in place unlike drop-in liners.
  • Protection: 1/4 inch thick application ensures maximum protection of the truck bed and protects paint from chipping and is free of rust.
  • Cargo Space: molded and bonded directly to the surface so as not to eliminate space.
  • Finished Look: makes your truck look great!


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Kurt's Lifetime Warranty

The repairs performed at Kurt's Autobody carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own the vehicle. This coverage is effective from the time you pick up your vehicle. Should you experience any problems, please call Kurt's at (309) 662-5823.

You are also welcome to bring the vehicle directly to our shop. We stand behind our work and stand ready to offer you solutions.